On October 25, 2015 our  wonderful, red puppies SHIBA INU were born from a great match:
BENI NO TOYOMARU Go Yoshisou – the first stud dog shiba in Poland straight from Japan, the winner of SHIBA NIPPO SHOW IN POLAND 2014. BENI NO TOYOMARU Go Yoshisou comes from the well-known Japanese Kennels Honjou Arakisou, Yokohama Atsumi, Kaorusou and is descended from the famous line Beniryu (TETSUBENIOU Go Honjou Arakisou & HOSHI NO YUKARI Go Nankaiseisou) – registered with NIPPO No H23-21255 (hips HD/A)

KAIHO Go You Djenima – the bitch from pure Japanese lines (TENSHOU GO Churain-Typhoon JP & SHIORI Go Kanagawa Shirai) – registered with NIPPO No H26-8625 – The Winner Waka Inu I Class SHIBA NIPPO SHOW Poland 2014 (hips HD/A).

Both of parents are registered with Japanese NIPPO. This is the first shiba match in Poland descended directly from Janapese breeding lines.

We have got five puppies: two males and three girls. The mother and babies fell great. We are so proud <3 <3

puppies Beni-Sayuri_1

sayuri i beni