Dam will be:


Chika this is the next beauty born in our breeding out of first litter from our youngest boy SHINNOSUKE GO FUJI HACHIMANSOU. Her mom is ASAMI GO YOU DJENIMA.

As befits real Chika, she is  very elegant, gentle female with amazing slanted eyes and coat… just look at her 😉

Junior Club Winner 2021, 1st place Intermediate class World Dog Show Brno 2021

health tests: HDA/ ED0, gangliosidosis – free, genotype ay/ay E/E

We have not decided yet who will be the daddy.


In Spring 2022 we are planning puppies from the other great pair as well:

Dam will be:

AKATSUKI NO SACHIHIME Go Yoshisou (import Japan)

The shiba girl imported from Japan in Mart 2015 (registerd with Japanese NIPPO H26-22638). The daughter of SUNA NO HOKUTORYUU GO SHOUNAI GASSANSOU i SHIROBA NO KOKUCHOU GO FUKUSHIMA SHIROBASOU.

Polish Champion

health tests: HDA/ ED0, patella 0/0, gangliosidosis – free, genotype ay/at E/E

Sire will be:


SHIN is our youngest male, we brought him from Japan on the 19th of May, 2019. SHINNOSUKE GO FUJI HACHIMANSOU (registered with Japanese NIPPO H30-24994) comes of course from our favourite Japanese breeding KOSHIWA SOU owned by Mr. Yousuke Kobayasi in Niigata-shi and has got a lot of titled Japanese ancestors in his pedigree.

Polish Junior Champion,  Polish Champion

health tests:  HDA/ ED0, patella 0/0, eyes PRA – clear, gangliosidosis – free, genotype ay/ay E/E



Please feel free to contact us to make a reservation on a puppy SHIBA INU  in the Mukashibanashi dog breeding 🙂

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In the photo below a daughter of Beni and Yume, EMI GO Mukashibanashi –  Emi lives in Dublin. You can see more photos of puppies from Mukashibanashi on our “PHOTOS” section 🙂