TOP20 – 2017 SHIBA

We are really happy to inform that the shiba female born in our breeding MIDORI GO Mukashibanashi (s: BENI NO TOYOMARU GO YOSHISOU & d: ASAMI GO YOU DJENIMA) was placed the second in the dog show ranking TOP20 2017 in Poland and thereby became the best dog show female shiba in 2017  <3

We are overjoyed!!! <3

In this ranking we can find also the another daughter of our BENI NO TOYOMARU, ZAAZAA NI TANOSHI Matagiinu PL – placed 4th (breeder Lilianna Rozmysłowicz) and son SUGOI Mikoriv GO – placed 9th (breeder Aneta Salińska-Bucholc). Huge congratulation!!!

In the photo below proud daddy BENI NO TOYOMARU GO YOSHISOU (The winner of Shiba Nippo Show in Poland 2014 in Seiken Kumi Class, POLAND WINNER 2016, Polish Champion).