Longed-for puppies out of my dreamy pair:
s. BENI NO TOYOMARU GO YOSHISOU & d. BENI NO SAEHIME GO KOSHIWASOU <3 <3 <3 We have 3 red puppies – 2 males and 1 female born 26th of August 2019.
Newborns and mummy are feeling great 🙂 We are soooo happy!!!


BENI NO TOYOMARU Go Yoshisou (The winner of Shiba Nippo Show in Poland 2014 in Seiken Kumi Class, POLAND WINNER 2016, Polish Champion)

Shiba inu stud straight from Japan. BENI NO TOYOMARU Go Yoshisou (registered with Japanese NIPPO H23-21255) comes from the well-known Japanese Kennels Honjou Arakisou, Yokohama Atsumi, Kaorusou and is descended from the famous line Beniryu. BENI NO TOYOMARU Go Yoshisou is the grandson of titled Tetsu Arashi Go Honjou Arakisou (NIPPO 9-35098).

health tests: HDA/ ED0, patella 0/0, eyes PRA – clear



BENI NO SAEHIME GO KOSHIWASOU (NIPPO SHOW POLAND 2018 WINNER – BEST FEMALE, Polish Champion, Lithuanian Champion, BEST BITCH 5th Speciality Dog Show for Japanese Breeds)

We brought Sae directly from Japan in November 2017.  BENI NO SAEHIME GO KOSHIWASOU (registered with Japanese NIPPO  H29-6251) comes out Benioumaru line and has got in her pedigree lots of titled  ancestors – BENIOUMARU GO FUKUYAMA HIJIRI – Winner Grand National Nippo 2014 in Seiken class, TAKENOSUKE GO SANUKI MIZUMOTOSOU – Prizewinner Grand National Nippo 2010,  TAKECHIYO GO SANUKI MIZUMOTOSOU Best Of Breed Grand National Nippo Winner 2008, Ichiban 2008 and more another Nippo shows.

health tests: HDA/ ED0, gangliosidosis – free, genotype ay/ay E/E